Flue Liners (Gas,Oil & Multifuel)


Flue Liners 100mm - 4 inch


Flue Liners 125mm - 5 inch


Flue Liners 150mm -6 inch





Flue Liners 180mm - 7 inch


 Flue Liners 200mm - 8 inch


Flue Liners 250mm - 10 inch



Flexible Flue Liners


Need a Multi-fuel chimney liner?  You can choose either our Standard 316 grade stainless steel flue liner with a 15 year warranty or upgrade to a premium grade 904 grade flue liner with a 30 year warranty, both manufactured with a double skin of stainless steel of that grade.

Flexible chimney liners are installed into a masonry chimney to produce a continuous and unbroken flue from appliance to outlet. This prevents flue gasses escaping though disintegrating brickwork and provides the optimum flue diameter for the appliance. The type and diameter of flue liners required will depend on the application and type of appliance being used. There are two different basic types of flue liner:

Class 1 flue liners, often known as Multi-fuel or soild fuel flexible liner is a double skin flexible flue liner suitable for appliances burning wood, solid fuel and heavy oil. Our multi-fuel flue liners are made from either 316L grade stainless steel or 904L grade stainless steel (carrying a 10yr and 25yr conditional warranty respectively).

For smokeless fuels, or slumbering appliances, please use a liner with a 904 grade inner.
Class 2 flue liner, often known as Gas flex or Gas and Oil flexible liner is a single wall flexible flue liner and is suitable for appliances burning gas or 28 Second Oil (Kerosene), where the temperature does not exceed 260°C.

 Please Note: Document J of the Building Regulations requires that a flexible flue liner can only be installed completely enclosed inside a masonry chimney.

A non masonry enclosure such as timber or plasterboard boxing in is not acceptable.

The type of flue liner permitted depends on the type of appliance and the fuel chosen to be used.


Flue Sizing

The following is a general guide for flue liner sizing but referral should be made to Building Regulations ADJ Clause 2.4 and Table 2.2.

(a) Open fires including flame effect open gas fires.
Minimum 200mm diameter for fire openings up to 500mm x 500mm. Larger fires require a flue area equal to 14-16% of the total area of the fireplace opening. (Minimum flue diameter 180mm for gas effect fires).

(b) Solid-fuel stoves, room heaters, boilers and cookers.
Minimum 150mm diameter, 180mm â?? 200mm for larger or multi-fuel appliances.

(c) Other appliances.
Consult the appliance manufacturer.

Unless the appliance manufacturer recommends otherwise, the diameter of the flue liners should not be smaller than the appliance outlet.