Baby Gabriel Stove (4.6 KW)


Baby Gabriel Stove (4.6 KW)

Product no.: Baby Gabriel Stove
Baby Gabriel Stove (4.6 KW)
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At 4.6kW output, the Baby Gabriel is the hot favourite for home owners looking for a traditional cast iron stove that?s not only practical and economical to run, but also represents truly outstanding value.

It is approved and officially listed by Defra as a smoke exempt appliance so that you can burn wood legally in a UK smoke control area.

CPR Declaration of Performance
Hi-Flame Fireplace (UK) Limited declare that the test item submitted for type testing of HF217-SE model represented the full production model specifications in all critical technical parameters needed to fulfil the requirements of the testing standard BS EN 13240:2001
+ A2:2004. No modifications were required to the items tested in order to meet the requirements of the standard.
General Specification
Model Name Baby Gabriel®
Model Number HF217-SE
Overall Height 555 mm
Overall Width 414 mm
Overall Depth 345 mm
Net Weight 83 kg
Gross Weight (packed) 91 kg
Data from GasTec CE Test EN13240
Fuel Wood Logs
Nominal Heat Output 4.6 kW
Refuelling Interval 45 minutes
Efficiency (net) 75%
Mean CO Emission (at 13%) 0.25
Mean Flue Gas Temperature 296ºC
Flue Gas Mass Flow 4.5 g/s
Minimum Distance to Combustibles
Rear 450 mm
Sides 350 mm

Fuel Requirements
Wood Logs: Moisture content <20%
Maximum Log Length 250 mm
Max Fuel Load 1.5 kg
Flue configuration top or rear
Flue pipe diameter 125 mm
Height to centre of rear flue 435 mm
From centre of top flue to back 134 mm
Minimum flue height from
base of stove 4500 mm
Air Supply
A permanent means of ventilation may be required for this stove in accordance with the guidelines given in Building Regulations Approved Document J. The HF217-SE model has a nominal output of 4.6kW and therefore a permanent air supply is not normally required.
However, for properties bulit after 2008 and newer build properties or properties
that have been modified so that the design air permiability is less than
5m / h.m , a permanent ventilator will need to be fitted. Building Regulations Approved Document J gives more
detailed information.
Building regulations for Scotland,
Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have similar guidelines.


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