Graphite 10 (10 KW)

Graphite 10 (10 KW)

Product no.: Graphite 10
Graphite 10 (10 KW)
Graphite 10 (10 KW)
Graphite 10 (10 KW)
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Better built and better performance. Simply better all round ? that?s the lasting beauty of a Graphite


Better built and better performance. Simply better all round ? that?s the lasting beauty of a Graphite.


Get warmer, faster

The Graphite Five, Eight and Ten models all feature Graphite?s unique Heat Conveyor convection system which draws in cold air up through the convection scoop at the rear of the stove and warms it as it moves through the system to exit at the front grille. This means that you not only get traditional radiated heat from the Graphite?s heavyweight bodywork (the Graphite Ten top lid alone weighs in at a staggering 26.6kg), but you also reap the benefits of gentle warm air movements which help warm the room faster than other stoves.


100% external air option

All Graphite?s free-standing stoves provide you with the opportunity of taking the stove?s air supply from outside the room by using the optional External Air Box. Where there is a high standard of insulation (post-2008 houses, for example) using the external air option delivers important operational and safety advantages. For a start it makes it easier to heat your room since the stove doesn?t feed itself on the warm air that it has just created. This also helpseliminate annoying drafts because the stove has no need to replace this warm air by colder air taken from the rest of the house. The External Air Box makes a simple and neat alternative to the unsightly and inefficient ?air-brick? often required so that that an installation will conform to Building Regulations.


Thick, thicker, thickest

One thing that you?ll immediately notice about Graphite stoves is that, unlike some other manufacturers, we don?t compromise on the quality or choice of our materials. Just compare the thickness of our steel bodywork and its subtle soft edging to see exactly what we mean

GR910 The largest stove in the Graphite range, the Ten not only has a powerful visual presence in a large fireplace but also delivers an equally powerful and effective 10kW of heat output for the larger living room. It is also exceptionally clean burning, thanks to its pre-heated tertiary air system. This wrings out every last calorie of heat from the fuel load to make it go further and make the stove more economical to run. This, combined with the Airwash system, all helps to keep the Graphite Ten’s large picture window beautifully clean so you can enjoy a great view of its big fire. Data from CE EN13240 tests in the UK by Kiwa Gastec SEAT Harp approved and listed, your guarantee of performance Clean-burn pre-heated tertiary air system maximises efficiency Pre-heated Airwash System to keep your glass cleaner Choice of top or rear 150 mm (6”) flue outlet Heavy duty robot-welded steel body with soft-edged 16 mm thick lid Longer-lasting finest quality cast iron door and fire back-plate Optional external air supply kit for post-2008 home installations Five Year Extended Warranty from one of the world’s leading stove makers



Model Name Graphite 10

Model Number GR910

Overall Height 735 mm

Overall Width 605 mm

Overall Depth 494 mm


The materials, design, construction and operating instructions, as well as the CE marking, meet or exceed the EN13240 Type Test requirements for this type of appliance. Data derived from Kiwa GasTec BS EN13240: 2001 tests BURNING WOOD LOGS(intermittent use):

Nominal Heat Output 10.0 kW

Refuelling Interval 1.0 hr

Efficiency (net) 80.3%

Mean CO Emission (at 13%) 0.14%

Mean Flue Gas Temperature 348ºC

Flue Gas Mass Flow 5.7 gsSMOKELESS FUEL ?ANCITIntermittent use:

Nominal Heat Output 11.0 kW

Refuelling Interval 2.0 hrs

Efficiency (net) 71.9%

Mean CO Emission (at 13%) 0.26%

Mean Flue Gas Temperature 418ºC

Flue Gas Mass Flow 6.7gs

Sm OKELESS FUEL ?ANCIT Continuous use:

Nominal Heat Output 11.7 kW

Refuelling Interval 4.0 hrs

Efficiency (net) 73.6%

Mean CO Emission (at 13%) 0.24%

Mean Flue Gas Temperature 404ºC

Flue Gas Mass Flow 7.6 gs

Tests at nominal output, burning both wood logs and mineral fuel, were carried out with a flue draught of 12 Pa.MINIMUM DISTANCES TO COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS

Rear 600 mm

Sides 600 mmFLUE

Flue configuration top or rear

Flue pipe diameter (6?) 150 mm

Height to centre of rear flue 560 mm

From centre of top flue to back 168 mm

Minimum flue height from top of stove 4500 mm (15?)

Recommended flue draught 12 PaFUEL REQUIREMENTS

Wood Logs:

Moisture content <20%

Maximum Log Length 450 mm (18?)

Maximum Fuel Load 4.15kg (9 lb 2 oz)

Multi Fuel:

Authorised Smokeless Fuels

Recommended Fuel Load 2.78 kg (6lb 2 oz)

See for approved fuels

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