Graphite Inset Boiler (9.4 KW) water (5.7 KW)

Graphite Inset Boiler (9.4 KW) water (5.7 KW)

Product no.: Graphite Inset Boiler
Graphite Inset Boiler (9.4 KW) water (5.7 KW)
Graphite Inset Boiler (9.4 KW) water (5.7 KW)
Graphite Inset Boiler (9.4 KW) water (5.7 KW)
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Better built and better performance. Simply better all round ? that?s the lasting beauty of a Graphite

GR357i-B If you want to recreate the focal point that a traditional fireplace and living flame brings to a room or you just simply want to replace an old back boiler, then the Graphite Inset Boiler makes the ideal choice. It’s big picture window ensures that you still get a great view of the fire and its airwash system ensures that it stays that way. With CE tested efficiency of 80.2% and generous heat output to power up to 8 radiators, plus heat a good-sized living room, we think that you’ll find that the Graphite Inset Boiler is not only efficient and effective, but will make rather good looking choice for your home too. Powers up to 8 average-sized radiators, plus heats the room Fits standard UK / Irish fireplace aperture for easier installation CE EN13229 tested in the UK by Kiwa Gastec SEAI Harp approved and listed, your guarantee of performance Incorporates Airwash technology to keep your glass cleaner Thermostatically controlled boiler maximises fuel efficiency Longer-lasting finest quality cast iron door and door frame Five Year Extended Warranty from one of the world’s leading stove makers

Primary Air Control Air which enters under the grate for multi fuel burning and to assist a wood log fire to get started

Secondary Air Control Air which enters at the top of the fire chamber to ensure a cleaner burn and
effective wood burning (pull out to open)

Airwash System Part of the secondary Air control system which diverts hot air down along the front of the glass to burn off unwanted sooty particulates and help keep it clean

Thermostat Control This adjusts the temperature of the water leaving the boiler from low to high by controlling part of the combustion air supply to the fire chamber

System Ports There are four 1? BSP water ports ?two on either side of the firebox


Model Name Graphite Inset Boiler
Model Number GR357i-B
Dimensions (mm): Facia H605 W490 D102
Dimensions (mm): Firebox External H525 W390 D320
Net Weight 109 kg
Hi-Flame Fireplace (UK) Limited declare that the test stove submitted for type testing of the GR357i-B model represented the full production model specifications in all critical technical parameters needed to fulfil the requirements of the testing standard BS EN 13229:2001 + Amd 1:2003 + Amd 2:2004. No modifications were required to the items tested in order to meet the requirements of the standard. All applicable criteria on the type test have been passed in respect of the materials, design and construction as well as the instructions and marking. The construction of the boiler meets the requirements of clauses 14.13.1 to 14.13.8 of the standard as appropriate. Data derived from Kiwa GasTec BS EN 13229:2001 tests during July 2012.
Intermittent Burning ? 1.0 hour refuel period
Nominal Heat Output To Room 4.8 kW
To Water 7.5 kW
TOTAL 12.3 kW
Efficiency (net) 80.2%
Mean CO Emission (at 13%) 0.52%
Mean Flue Gas Temperature 296ºC
Flue Gas Mass Flow 7.0 g/s
Continuous Burning ? 2.0 hour refuel period
Nominal Heat Output To Room 3.7 kW
To Water 8.9 kW
TOTAL 12.6 kW
Efficiency (net) 75.8%
Mean CO Emission (at 13%) 0.47%
Mean Flue Gas Temperature 333ºC
Flue Gas Mass Flow 7.6 g/s
We do not recommend the use of combustible mantels Minimum Distance from Combustible Materials
Top (shelf) 200 mm
Sides 100 mm
Flue configuration top only
Flue outlet diameter 150 mm (6?)
Minimum flue height from top of Inset 4,500 mm (15?)

Factory pressure tested to 3.5 Bar maximum
Water capacity 10kg / 10L (2.2 Gal)
Maximum operating Pressure <1.5 Bar
Pipework ports Four x 1? BSP
Wood Logs: Moisture content <20%
Maximum Wood Fuel Load 3.6 kg (approx 8 lb)
Maximum Log Length 275 mm (11?)
Or Approved Smokeless Fuels (
Maximum Mineral Fuel Load 3.7 kg (approx 8 lb 2 oz)
Heat Resistant Glass 330 x 290 x 4 mm
Door Rope Seal 10 mm dia x app 1700 mm (5?8?) long
Ash Pit Rope Seal 10 mm dia x 370 mm (15?) long
NB There are no firebricks inside the Graphite inset Boiler

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